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Pouch Circle TYPE 2V
  • Pouch Circle TYPE 2V

    This little circular pouch will carry your tiny things, like e.g. cards and coins.


    It is finished on high quality standards, with coated edges and a robust inner linning to last a long life!


    Handmade of 100% genuine leather in Indonesia under fair trade conditions. Leather masters in a small manufacture creating always nicely design solutions and put all their effort into their work.

    Well done!


    Limited edition. Some pieces on stock.

    {We only produce, what we sell. Design on demand.}


    Size: 10 cm diameter / 2 cm deep


    Material: Heavy Cow-leather

    Inner lining: 100% Cotton

    Zipper & accessoires: Black oxigen stainless steel


    85,00 €Preis
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